The latest entrant in the growing TCR International Series, formed in 2014, has been revealed as the new-generation Honda Civic Type R.
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Joining other production-based cars like the Golf GTI, Opel Astra, and Kia Cee'd, among others, the Civic TCR car boasts a number of big race-ready modifications.

As with most racers, there's pumped arches to support bigger wheels and a wider track, along with significant aero additions - including the big GT racing wing we can likely expect to see as an aftermarket addition to some road-going Type Rs…

The new Honda racer replaces the previous-generation Type R in the TCR series, both of which were developed by JAS Motorsport.

Above: the new Type R in its regular form

As with other makes in the series, the Civic TCR racer will use a modified version of the regular car's 2.0-litre turbo engine, producing 246kW and 410Nm. Teams will also have the option of using a conventional manual transmission, or a sequential unit.

The new Civic TCR will make its series debut in the 2018 season.

An Australian launch for the TCR format - which is positioned as a spin-off of the bigger WTCC series - is known to be in the works, although specific announcements are still to be made.