Jaguar has achieved another Guinness World Record, this time with the Jaguar E-Pace, performing an incredible 270-degree barrel roll in a production vehicle.
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The stunt was performed on Wednesday evening at the ExCeL London with stunt driver Terry Grant at the helm of a production-verified Jaguar E-Pace.

For those not in the know, ExCeL London is a giant exhibition centre and one of the only indoor facilities big enough to cater for the stunt, which required a 160-metre run-up and run-off vital for the 15-metre leap.

Grant already owns 21 world records and has been working on the stunt with Jaguar for the past year. Grant experienced an incredible 5.5g of acceleration force before safely landing and stopping the car at the end of the stunt.

Jaguar engineers spent a great deal of time working on calculations to ensure the correct entry speed and ramp land angle. During the process three E-Pace vehicles met their maker, with only a roll cage being added for Grant's protection.

Jaguar has set a precedent of launching cars in a spectacular fashion with the F-Pace revealed last year performing a loop-the-loop in front of a live audience, while the new XF drove across the river Thames on a tightrope.

The all-new Jaguar E-Pace is now available through dealerships with first deliveries expected to arrive in Q2 2018. Australian pricing is expected to start from $48,000 (plus on-road costs).