British marque Aston Martin has issued three recall notices, one for the DB11 and two for the V8 Vantage. The DB11 is being called back over concerns of a faulty tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), while certain Vantage models could be affected by transmission issues.
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2016-17 DB11 recall (58 vehicles affected)

The manufacturer reports that affected units have incorrectly calibrated tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), and as a result the low tyre pressure warning light may not illuminate at the required minimum activation pressure.

If the condition occurs, under-inflated tyres could cause loss of control of the vehicle.

The recalled DB11 models were manufactured from October 2016 to June 2017. Aston Martin says these vehicles were available for sale between 30 November 2016 and 7 June 2017.

A VIN list for these cars can be viewed here.

2010-12 V8 Vantage recall

Aston Martin has also issued a recall for its V8 Vantage models manufactured between July 2010 and August 2012 equipped with the SportShift II transmission.

The manufacturer reports an update to the transmission's software as part of servicing (SA-07-0209) may not be compatible with stored clutch settings.

If the condition occurs, the vehicle's clutch may can become incorrectly adjusted, which could cause the transmission to go into neutral without warning, resulting in a loss of drive. The driver will be unable to maintain or increase speed unless they select a gear manually.

Additionally, the clutch and slip and overheat, causing the transmission to go into "clutch protection" mode - the engine malfunction indicator light will illuminate and gear changes will be abrupt until the temperature of the clutch drops.

The affected V8 Vantage vehicles were sold from 8 December 2010 through 15 August 2012. A list of recalled VINs can be viewed here.

2010-13 V8 Vantage recall

The third recall affects V8 Vantage models sold between December 2010 and July 2013 equipped with the seven-speed Auto-Shift Manual (ASM) transmission.

Aston Martin reports a connecter in the transmission's hydraulic system "may not have sufficient support", which can cause the connector to fail and lose clutch fluid.

If the fault occurs, it could also cause the clutch system to malfunction, posing an accident risk.

The sale dates for the recalled V8 Vantage vehicles are between 8 December 2010 and 25 July 2013. A VIN list for these cars can be viewed here.

Combined, the total number of vehicles affected by both Vantage recalls totals 38 units. The manufacturer hasn't been able to provide a breakdown of how many examples are attached to each notice.

Owners of the recalled Aston Martins will be contacted by the manufacturer, and will be advised as to the required action.