To celebrate 40 years since first entering the world of Formula One in 1977 with the RS01 – a car powered by the sport's first turbocharged engine – French marque Renault has designed and built an actual yellow teapot.
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Why a yellow teapot?

Well, after consistent engine troubles repeatedly resulted in smoke coming from the turbocharged Renault machine, Tyrrell team boss Ken Tyrrell is said to have famously referred to the yellow, black, and white car as the “Yellow Teapot”… or so the story goes.

According to Renault, “The expression was adopted by the members of [the] team, then by other teams at the following Grand Prix events.”

Thereafter, the RS01 was forever nicknamed the ‘Yellow Teapot’ – hence, the commemorative bright yellow kitchen appliance.

Limited to 40 units, the special edition anniversary water boiler will be available from early September, and can be yours for the price of 129 euros ($194.00). Renault says it’s also set to equip the kitchens of the Atelier Renault restaurant on the Champs-Elysees.

And if you think the teapot is just some silly gimmick, the passionate French brand says, in fact, “It’s a teapot that takes up all the aesthetic codes of the Renault Formula One [car], and plays on the design, the graphics and the colours.” Sure it does.

Fortunately, despite the initial dramas, Renault ended up winning its first-ever F1 race in 1979, with the turbocharged RS10 taking out the French Grand Prix.

In total, over its 40 years racing in the pinnacle of world motorsport, Renault has claimed 11 drivers’ championships, 12 constructors’ championships, 170 wins, and 481 podiums.

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