Keeping in theme with our editor's column today, the VACC has released some worrying photos which it claims prove motorists are deliberately ignoring the safety of their vehicles.
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The images show worn or badly damaged vehicle components that, in some cases, are so bad drivers of the vehicle are lucky to have to have not been involved in a fatal accident.

Image 1: A brake rotor so badly worn that the outer surface was ground down to the cooling fins. The damage was so severe the central hub separated from the disc. This vehicle was an accident waiting to happen.

Image 2: A worn tyre with a patch so bald the metal casing was visible. Worryingly, this family vehicle was driven some 200 kilometres, from Melbourne to Benalla, before the owner was told the tyre was dangerous and that it must be changed immediately.

Image 3: A death-crack in the spoke of an alloy wheel. This could have caused the wheel to collapse, loss of control of the vehicle or the vehicle to roll over.

Image 4: A brake caliper worn down as a result of a wheel, not designed for the vehicle, being fitted. This could have led to a number of serious incidents including the wheel to seize, the caliper to lock and brake to fail.

“VACC repairers are reporting an increasing number of vehicles coming in to workshops that are in a dangerous condition. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg. Some drivers would have to be ignorant or stupid, or both, not to know there was a problem with their car,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.“VACC has released the photographs because we want motorists, and the media, to see the alarming things we see on a daily basis,“You would expect that the screeching noise of brake discs running metal on metal would alert a driver that something was wrong with their car. You would hope an alarm bell would ring in a driver’s mind when they saw the tread on their tyres was worn through and you would think a driver would spot a death crack in their wheel. But unfortunately, these images show us, that some motorists are blasé about vehicle safety,“Of course, if a vehicle is regularly maintained, these issues are rectified before they become dangerous. VACC is so concerned about this that we have launched a Vehicle Safety campaign and appeal to motorists to think about vehicle safety and to have their car regularly serviced by a professional.”