You might have noticed some ads around this website, a great majority of the ads are for the big 2 car websites in Australia, namely drive and carsguide. While I can stop the two websites advertising here, I see no point. Both of those websites provide valuable information regarding the car market here in Australia. However some of the advertising you see on this site are directly for the car manufacturers themselves, the likes of Ford, Honda, Holden and Mitsubishi have all put ads on this website (either directly or through a marketing agent).
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Given that the auto industry is finally taking the internet seriously, its interesting to look at the advertising figures for the Auto Industry. In 2005 Automakers spent an enormous $10.46 billion USD on advertising. In comparison 2004 saw a spending of $10.54 billion. The figures are amazing as it is, but the breakup of spending is perhaps more interesting.

The Industry's spending shifted away from network television (down 15 percent from 2004) and magazine ads (down 4.5 percent from 2004) to internet advertising (up 16.9 percent, and climbing in 2006) and cable spots (up 14.6 percent). Ford was still the highest spender at $984.6 million USD (down 21% from last year). General Motors was second at $876.6 million USD (down from 2004's $908.1 million).

Source : AutoNews