Kia Australia has issued a recall for 4963 examples of its previous-generation 2011-2014 'TF' Optima sedan, and 16 units of its 2013 'XM' Sorento SUV, over concerns the 2.4-litre 'Theta' petrol engine could suddenly stall.
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The Korean manufacturer reports a manufacturing fault could cause premature bearing wear within the engine. A worn connecting rod wearing will produce a cyclic clicking noise, and may also result in the illumination of the engine warning light and/or oil pressure warning light in the driver's instrument cluster.

If the warnings are ignored, the bearing may fail and the vehicle could stall when in use, posing an accident hazard.

A VIN list for the affected vehicles can be viewed here.

Owners of the recalled Optima and Sorento models will be contacted via mail, and are encouraged to arrange an inspection at their local Kia dealer, with repairs to be carried out free of charge.

Additionally, affected owners will be offered a loan vehicle for however long it takes for their vehicle to be repaired.

This recall from Kia comes just after parent company Hyundai issued a recall for the related i45 sedan and Santa Fe SUV fitted with the 2.4-litre petrol engine over concerns contaminants from the manufacturing process could cause the engine to stall.