Aston Martin Rapide 2011 [blank]

Aston Martin Rapide Review

$104,710 $124,520 Dealer
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First Steer Preview: Photos by Nick Dimbleby

Valencia, Spain—Now, I don’t want to exert any undue influence on the forthcoming full review of the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide by Anthony Crawford—for that, you’ll need to revisit this space in a couple of weeks time —but here’s what I am willing to admit: About halfway through my time behind the wheel of this very special saloon, I vowed to quit the automotive journalism business.

Reason being, I figured I had reached the pinnacle of driving experiences—and there was nowhere to go but down. I was powering along the supremely entertaining roads of the Spanish countryside at ungodly speeds, little to no traffic in sight, relishing the performance of a true driver’s car that offers so little in the way of compromise and so very much when it comes to pure performance and sheer style.

Make no mistake: The Rapide isn’t the fastest car on the planet, the most luxurious car on the planet or the most exclusive car on the planet. But it just may be the best all-around car on the planet. At least, that’s where it currently stands on my personal wish list.

So, then and there, I vowed to pack it in and pursue another line of work. Until, that is, my co-driver offered the following perspective: “So, if you have sex with your girlfriend and it’s the best sex you’ve ever had, does that mean you quit having sex?”

Fair point, I thought, no need to hone the CV just yet. Except now I’m losing sleep. Not over sex, mind you, but rather from devising a scheme that will secure me enough money to afford my very own Rapide.