Porsche Panamera by TechArt

Customised Tuning for prestige automotive brands is big business in regions like the United States, United Arab Emirates and not surprisingly Germany, that last bastion of speed.
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The Germans have been tuning cars for over 100 years. Take Johann ABT, the founder of famed Audi tuner ABT Sportsline, who was tuning the cart part of ‘horse and cart’ long before he started on anything with two or four wheels.

When it comes to Porsche, it doesn’t come any more premium than German based tuner TechArt.

We test drove their lightening fast GTStreet RS last year (based on the feared 911 GT2), and with a mind blowing 515kW and 860Nm of torque on tap, CarAdvice can confirm the technical skills of this group are first rate.

But tuning at TechArt is a complex process. With the GTstreet it’s about the modified turbochargers, large carbon fibre inlet manifolds, special intercoolers, a valve-controlled Sports exhaust system combined with high-performance manifolds and a modified pressure sensor.

And when it comes to handling, the GTstreet RS aerodynamic package produces 10 kilograms of downforce on the front and back axle at a speed of just 140km/h.

And here comes the Porsche Panamera by TechArt. I had a good look at the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, and it didn’t disappoint.

Regardless of what you make think of the Panamera’s overall design, it’s a superbly engineered car, which passed our speed limited BMW M5 comfortably, as we were sitting on 276km/h.

Of course, the car that passed us was a Panamera Turbo, good for just over 300km/h and o-100km/h in 4.0 seconds. Quick by any standard.

TechArt have added an aerodynamic three-part front splitter, which reduces lift around the front axle and directs cool air to the braking system.

Additionally, there is a choice of either 21-inch or 22-inch TechArt Formula wheels, shod with either Conti Sport Contact 3 tyres or Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tyres.

But it’s inside the Panamera, which attracts the most attention. Not that there was anything wrong with the standard treatment inside the factory version, but TechArt are well known for interior treatments which give new meaning to the word bespoke.

TechArt are presenting this two-colour leather finish in teak and black, with matching stitching and yarn, which includes roof handles and floor mats at the up-coming Geneva International Motor Show in March.

The roof liner is trimmed in the same coloured Alcantara and new TechArt precious wood trims have been used for the first time in the Panamera model range.

Special prized ash veneer with a tactile grain decorates the doors, dashboard and centre console.

If you happen to be in Geneva for one of the world's best Auto shows from March 4


to March 14


, TechArt is well worth a visit.