While Seat vehicles aren't available in Australia, we can help to name one of the company's upcoming vehicles, its Skoda Kodiaq twin.
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Other public naming competitions have garnered a lot of interest, with popular entries creating controversy, mirth or both.

After all, who can forget Boaty McBoatface? Although James Hand's suggestion was easily the most popular choice for the UK Natural Environment Research Council's new arctic research vessel, the boat was eventually named RRS Sir David Attenborough.

To avoid this, Seat is asking for submissions on "where you have lived your best moment in Spain", and limiting acceptable entries to those related to Spanish geography, such as towns, rivers and monuments.


Above: Seat Ibiza.

This will mean the new SUV will conform with the company's normal car naming methodology, which has given us Toledo, Malaga, Toledo, Leon and Ibiza, among others.

Indeed, practically all of Seat's model names, aside from the Mii and those with engine-based badges, have been drawn from place names in Spain.

Seat will be accepting name entries from now until June 22. From there the company and focus groups will whittle the list down to at least three finalists, which will be announced at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show in September.

Another round of public voting will then take place, with the crossover's new name proclaimed on October 15, 2017.