The Toyota Camatte concept is set to become a reality, with the Japanese automotive giant to open a kid's driving school at this year's International Tokyo Toy Show.
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Called the Camatte School, kids and parents will be able to experience obtaining a driver's licence - by learning how to operate the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes, and drive a car around a course.

There will also be a range of magnets that can be attached to the Camatte Petta vehicle (top), allowing children to decorate the car to their liking.


For younger kids, a separate program has been established using a driving simulator. They will also be able to sit in a Camatte 57 to familiarise themselves with the vehicle.

This marks the first year Toyota will be establishing an exhibit at the Tokyo Toy Show where children can actually experience a car. Previously, the company has only displayed Camatte concepts.

The 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 1-4.


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