To celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary, the Ferrari Museum of Maranello has opened two new exhibitions, under the watchful eye of the company's president and CEO, Sergio Marchionne.
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With 344,000 visitors in 2016, space has been extended by 600 square metres, along with a new 300-square-metre event area.

The 'Under the Skin' exhibition highlights how the Italian company's style and innovation has evolved, especially showing how clever Enzo Ferrari was with his science-minded experimenting in the early days of production.

Focusing on what's beneath the Ferrari body, historical drawings from the archives are on show, along with original engines.


Whereas the second exhibition, Infinite Red, is all about the cars.

Record-breaking Formula One models are displayed, from the 500F2 that won Ferrari's first world drivers title in 1952, to the F2004 which had the most Grand Prix wins in history.

Some cars more than others will have visitors drooling, from the highly valuable 250 GTO of the 1960s to the newest LaFerrari.

Ianugurazione mostra del Design Museo Ferrai Maranello 25/05/2017

Under the Skin is open until November 2017, with Infinite Red closing one month later.