Toyota to reveal recall remedy today

Toyota is expected to reveal the details of the remedy for its sticking accelerator recall in the US today after finding a solution that has satisfied safety regulators.
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Toyota said on Saturday it was in the final stages after reviewing the pedal problem and a solution with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and receiving no objections. Technically, the NHTSA is not responsible for approving repairs but can disapprove them if it considers the repairs inadequate.

An unnamed source close to the fix said the remedy developed by Toyota and pedal supplier CTS Corp involves a spacer that will be placed in the accelerator to combat the sticking. Affected pedals have been found to return slowly to idle position after being pressed and can even get stuck down with age.

Toyota is also developing a new component to be fitted on the assembly lines of its new cars that are yet to leave the factory. Last week Toyota confirmed the production of eight models in North America will be ceased for one week beginning today.

As the story continues to unfold, US government officials have revealed that unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles is suspected of causing crashes that have led to 19 deaths since 2000.

(with Reuters)