In October 2017, the South Korean government will open what it claims is the world's largest facility for testing self-driving vehicles.
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Dubbed K-City (not to be confused with MCity), the 360,000 square metre facility will have a variety of driving environments and road features, including motorways, bus lanes and autonomous parking zones.

Business Korea reports the site will come online in stages, with the motorway sections opening first, and the rest of the facility becoming available during the first half of 2018.

Hyundai and Kia will use the facility to test and refine its autonomous vehicle technology. Other companies who will use K-City include Naver, Samsung, and SK Telecom.


Above: Site of the future American Center for Mobility. Top: K-City.

Last month, the South Korean government granted permission for Samsung Electronics to test self-driving vehicle technology on public roads.

Unlike vehicles being tested on public roads, companies evaluating cars and technology at K-City will not require government certification.

According to UPI, the K-City site may not hold on to its title of world's largest autonomous vehicle testing facility for long. The American Center for Mobility near Ypsilanti Township in Michigan covers around 1.36 square kilometres.

It too will open in stages, with its motorway section slated to become available from December this year.