The "next-generation" 2018 Infiniti QX80 will keep its current body-on-frame architecture and 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine, according to the company's president.
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Speaking with the US's Motor Trend, Roland Krueger, Nissan's senior vice president and the president of Infiniti Motor Company, said the current car's underpinnings - which date back to 2011 - will be carried over along with the 298kW/560Nm V8 petrol engine.

"It will be the same powertrain," he told the publication. "It is a very successful car and very successful architecture, and it fits right into the market."

"When you look at powertrain, capacity for seven seats, it fits right in."

Infiniti's boss apparently also hinted at the addition of a smaller powertrain, which Motor Trend speculates could be a turbocharged V6 - possibly the 298kW twin-turbo unit used in the Q50 and Q60 Red Sport variants.


Above: Infiniti QX80 Monograph concept

This latest development seems to confirm that both the QX80 and the related Nissan Patrol will soldier on with their current underpinnings and powertrains, despite the Infiniti being dubbed as a "next-generation" vehicle.

Generally, new generations of models get new architecture, engines and technologies (if not always at the same time), though it appears the large SUVs will really only offer the latter.

Earlier this year the company presented the QX80 Monograph concept, which previews the design for the new luxury off-roader, steering away from the bulbous Moby Dick-style front end in favour of a cleaner look similar to that of other Infiniti concepts of late like the QX50.

The interior is yet to be revealed, though it's likely numerous layout and trim updates will be made to further differentiate the next QX80 from the model currently on sale.


The 'new-gen' QX80 is reported to go into production by year's end, so stay tuned to CarAdvice for more updates in the lead-up to the market version's reveal in the coming months.