Despite Nissan Australia currently offering just SUVs and sports cars, the company has stated it remains committed to offering passenger cars locally for the foreseeable future.
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Speaking with CarAdvice at the local launch of the updated 2017 X-Trail range, Nissan Australia chief, Richard Emery, said the company will offer passenger cars again soon.

“We definitely have a passenger car strategy," he said.

“We’re out for the moment, and we intend to be back in the passenger car business with a range of products. We’re still working on what they look like and which segments they’ll fit into."


Last month, Nissan culled the Altima (top) and Pulsar sedans (above) from the local line-up, due to the development costs required to make both models compliant with Euro 5b emissions regulations, leaving the company with no passenger cars in its range.

Replacements for both appear to be on the horizon, though an exact time frame is still to be confirmed.

In fact, Emery confirmed an all-new Pulsar sedan will appear soon.

"There will be a new generation of the Pulsar sedan on a global scale," he said.


What this means for the small sedan - which is sold in the US as the Sentra - is unknown, though the "global" tag could mean the new Pulsar will be brought in line with the more premium Euro-market Pulsar hatchback (above), which never made it to Australia.

Emery added that the company is being cautious not to overdo its passenger car range in order to ensure the longevity of its future products.

"Sometimes, perhaps in the past Nissan and other companies tend to grab everything they can, but they don’t have the longevity and proper business case," he said.

"We’re just being careful and disciplined to make sure we make the right calls."