2017 Mother's Day Gift Guide: 12 ideas for mums that love cars

Finding something special for your mum on Mother's Day, year after year, can get tricky. Forget foot spas, socks, pyjamas, flowers or chocolate - if your mum is into cars then we have a few suggestions that might help score you 'favourite child' status. For the day, at least.

This year, Mother's Day is on Sunday May 14, so there's still time to get your hands on something special. Here's twelve ideas for mums that love cars (or spend a lot of time in cars).

1. Titanium Mud Bogger Ring

It may be a little pricey, but this Titanium Buzz women's ring is stunning. Called the Titanium Mud Bogger Ring, it's made with titanium with a tyre tread pattern and is inlaid with cubic zirconia.

This version costs $927.99, but if your mum deserves diamonds (of course she does), that'll set you back a whopping $3186.

Titanium Buzz create some pretty crazy looking pieces of jewellery and have numerous other styles with plenty of options for both mums and dads. Check it out here.

2. Picnic basket

I love a good road trip and picnic, but hate using plastic plates, cups and utensils. If this sounds like your mum, then check out this picnic basket. The set for four includes ceramic plates, wine glasses, metal cutlery and salt & pepper shakers.

Better yet, it also includes a wooden cheese board, corkscrew and a picnic blanket. Among others, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz make beautiful picnic sets, but this one is a little cheaper at $94. Take a look for yourself here.

3. Stunt-driving experience

This is strictly for the adventurous, thrill-seeking mum. This stunt-driving experience looks manic and is a great way to remind mum that your driving during the learner phase really wasn't that scary. The passenger experience includes a 180-degree parallel handbrake park, spins, jumps and two-wheel action.

It's held at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne and costs $100 for a one-hour passenger session through Red Balloon, click here for more details.

4. Keyring

Perfect for new mums or those that are a little more sentimental, this personalised keyring can be printed with little hand and footprints. The kids can have some fun playing with paint or ink making the prints, which are then scanned and sent to be replicated on a sterling silver keyring.

It costs $165 and fits two prints which can be either black or clear on the finished product. For all the info, click here.

5. Massage seat cover

You don't find in-built massage seats in many cars, yet alone in vehicles that the majority of us can afford, but that doesn't mean you can't help mum feel a little more relaxed and her car a little more luxurious everyday.

This massage seat cover has nine motors, four for the bum and thigh area, four for the back and one located around the neck area.

It plugs in to a 12V outlet and even has a little remote control. It's priced at $79.95, which could even be cheaper than a single massage at a day spa - get your hands on one here.

6. Hammaka hammock chairs

Active, outdoorsy mums will love this idea - no more folding chairs that somehow manage to tip over at the most inopportune times - these hanging chairs look comfortable and relaxing. The Hammaka trailer hitch stand and hammock chairs.

The combo is priced at $279USD and would be great for camping and exploring - provided you have a tow ball.

7. In-car humidifier

Humidifiers are all the rage for indoors, but now you can enjoy the moisturising effects in your car. The car humidifier by Nanum plugs into a 12V outlet and releases gentle steam to help control odours, increase the humidity of the air and reduces dust and bacteria.

They are cheap little units too, priced at $15USD, and are available in a number of colours. See the range here.

8. Key finder

Every occasionally-disorganised mum would find this device incredibly useful. Kogan's colour-coded receiver fobs can be attached to a set of keys, making it easy to track them down if (when) they get lost.

The remote has a button for each of the four fobs, and provided you're within 30 metres of the lost keys, the receiver will beep and flash.

Perfect for households with multiple sets of keys, forgetful kids or distracted mums. The set is $25 - check it out here - but batteries aren't included so don't forget those!

9. Organiser

For the always-organised mum, this handy insulated cooler bag hangs over the back of the headrest and also features a number of pockets ready to be filled with all of that stuff that usually ends up on the floor of the car.

There's even a built-in tissue dispenser - say goodbye to fishing around under the seat for the crushed and dirty tissue box. At $18.95 it's a good price for the budget conscious and can be ordered here.

10. Car air freshener

Perhaps the funkiest car air fresheners around at the moment are from Mr & Mrs Fragrance. There's a range of cool designs and finishes both for the car and home, but the CesareGT range is our pick of the bunch. The colours and fragrances are 'inspired by different driving styles' including green for off-road, orange for comfort and red for GT drive, each with a different scent.They cost $14.30 each, last for 45 days and can be ordered here. Much cuter and more sophisticated than a cardboard pine tree...

11. Personalised street sign

For something a little bit quirky and fun, you could order mum a personalised street sign that features a home address, a famous address, or a made-up funny address that reflects the relationship the pair of you have.Ordering is simple, just fill in the form here, and your own tailor-made street sign can be on the way at a cost of $57.

12. Drive me crazy mug

My cupboard is full of Mother's Day mugs. It seems to be the default option when you've run out of time - who doesn't need another funny mug. For a bit of a twist, how about a travel mug that fits in a car cupholder?This one even has an appropriate car-related print that reads, 'Yes, you are driving me crazy', a sentiment echoed by every mother from time-to-time. This stainless steel travel mug is $36.30 and available here.
At the end of the day, spending time is more important than any present. Happy Mother's Day to every Mum!
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