Mini Countryman rooftop tent option revealed

If you're one of those outdoorsy types who may actually get out into nature in your new-generation Mini Countryman, a new rooftop tent unveiled in Europe could be something to put on your Christmas list.
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The new AirTop pop-up tent has been developed co-operatively by Mini and Autohome, with the roof-rack-mounted expanding box made of fibreglass designed specifically for the all-new Countryman SUV.

Flip the latches at the edges and a set of gas struts raises the roof, with a mesh fly lining stopping creepy crawlies. There's an aluminium extension ladder that remains inside the tent, and it makes easy work of the climb up.


The tent area has a high-density mattress that can apparently fit two adults, while the area itself is 94cm high when fully extended. There's a battery-powered LED interior light and storage pockets for your valuables, too, as well as a window at the front or rear of the tent for cross ventilation.

The tent is available in white or black, just like the roof colours or mirror caps on the new-generation Countryman.

A statement from Mini Australia said: "While this tent sits well with the Countryman’s adventurous ethos, we will not be offering this as an official aftersales accessory for Mini in Australia". Which may not be a bad thing... in Europe it is priced at €2837 ($4105) - which is a lot of decent hotel rooms on the road...


It's not the first time Mini has toyed with the idea of a camp-friendly car, with the previous-generation Countryman having featured a pop-up tent as a concept model, along with a Clubman caravan. See both of those cars here.

Audi offers a different - arguably way cooler - tent system on its Q2 and Q3 variants. Check it out.