As the adorably dorky Yeti moves toward retirement, Volkswagen's Czech brand has confirmed its new Tiguan-related medium SUV will be known as the Skoda Karoq.
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Karoq joins Kodiaq in building a consistent theme for the brand's SUVs, both in styling - as confirmed through revealing spy photos published today - and in nomenclature.

Skoda says the name for its Yeti replacement is drawn from the same language that gave us Kodiaq: the Alutiiq people, natives of Alaska.


But, where Kodiaq is named for the bear known in English as the Kodiak - the q being swapped in as a tribute to the Alutiiq, who know the bear as Taq uka ‘aq - the name Karoq is said to be derived from the words 'Kaa'raq' (car) and 'Ruq' (arrow, although our search revealed this may be a contraction of 'ruuwaq').

Skoda notes, of course, that its own logo features an arrow as its central element, intended to "represent the brand's dynamism".

Full details on the Skoda Karoq are still to come, but, sharing its architecture with the new Tiguan, we can expect much of the Volkswagen SUV's drivetrain to feature.


Like the Tiguan, petrol options could kick off with the 110kW 110TSI, which would likely be matched to a front-wheel drive setup in manual and/or DSG automatic form.

If so, Skoda could - if it doesn't also throw in a wealth of standard equipment - price the Karoq below $30,000, with the Tiguan 110TSI Trendline priced currently at $31,990.

A 132TSI model could also feature, equipped with all-wheel drive. Such a model might even open the range instead of the 110TSI, offering more power and all-paw traction at a price point similar to the Tiguan's less-powerful front-driving opener.


Expect a diesel model or two to join the range, potentially in the form of the 110TDI powertrain found elsewhere in the family.

The Karoq will make its global debut on May 18, but an Australian debut won't occur until next year. Speaking with CarAdvice today, Skoda Australia communications manager Paul Pottinger said that, at this stage, a launch late in the second quarter is on the cards.

Watch for more on the new Karoq to come in the days ahead, and catch our earlier coverage at the links below.