Volkswagen Up Concept

Expanding its range, Volkswagen is showing of its latest development, a small city car named Up.
Volkswagen Up
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Following an old tradition started with the original Volkswagen Beetle, the Up is a rear-engine, four-seat, three-door concept and Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn was happy to announce the Up is a "real Volkswagen."

Volkswagen Up Rear

There is a good chance the Up is the first of a variety of new models set for production. VW hopes to take on the Toyota Yaris and the ever popular Suzuki swift. Possible variants include a four-door, a small wagon and a convertible.

Volkswagen Up Interior

Measuring a tiny 3,450mm in length and 1,630mm in width, the Up is capable of carrying four passengers. So far rumours flying around suggest a small turbo charged engine might be the power plant. Perhaps Volkswagen will even fit the 1.4-litre twin-charged engine from the Golf GT?

Volkswagen UpVolkswagen Up

Don't start cleaning the garage just yet, the Up won't be available till 2011 at the earliest.