Citroen has issued a recall for its 2016 model-year C4 Cactus vehicles over concerns an electrical fault could lead to a fire risk.
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According to the French manufacturer, the affected vehicles could have a non-compliant electrical relay's internal component, which could disrupt the starter control.

If the condition occurs, it could cause an unwanted starter activation, causing the vehicle to move if a gear is engaged.


Citroen warns that the defect could also cause the vehicle to overheat, posing a fire risk.

Affected C4 Cactus SUVs were sold in September 2016. The VIN list for these units can be viewed here.

Owners of the recalled vehicles will be contacted by Citroen Australia via mail, and are advised to contact their local dealer to arrange for the inspection and, if needed, repair of the starter control relay.


For more information, contact 1800 898 058.