Mazda 3 gets Dynamic Stability Control

Update: Mazda3 Review.
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One of Australia’s top-selling cars, the Mazda3, now offers the state-of-the–art Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) safety technology from a starting price of $22,820. If you are unaware, DSC is an accident avoidance anti-skid system that automatically corrects front or rear-wheel slides without driver intervention. The DSC system automatically brakes individual wheels and reduces engine torque to correct slides.

Holden recently announced that all new Holden VE Commodores will come with Electronic Stability Control which is just another name for the same system. Mazda3 is the only volume-selling car in it's class offering DSC on all models in its range.

Research has shown that stability systems, such as DSC, can reduce the number of fatal vehicle accidents by more than 30 per cent. The Mazda 3, Australia’s fourth best selling car this year, has sold 15,702 cars to the end of June, according to VFACTS figures. Mazda3 sells in the sub $40,000 Small car market, which with rising fuel prices, is now the country’s most popular.

"Mazda3 was the first volume seller in its class to offer six airbags and ABS brakes on all models when it was launched in 2004. Making DSC available on our most popular car range is another important step in reducing the amount of trauma we see on our roads."Mazda3 is very popular with Australian consumers and we anticipate that as many as 25 per cent of all Mazda3s sold will have this important safety feature. Mazda Australia has a policy of adopting safety technology when it becomes available and we will work towards adding DSC to other models in our range". Managing director of Mazda Australia, Doug Dickson

At present Mazda has DSC on the RX-8, Mazda6 MPS and Mazda3 MPS. It will be standard on the CX-7 crossover SUV due late this year. DSC, which also incorporates traction control, works with ABS anti-lock brakes, a safety feature that is now standard on all Mazda3 models.

The Basic starter model Mazda3 Neo which starts at $22,820 also comes with dual front, front side and head protecting curtain airbags (six airbags in total). Other safety upgrades on the new Mazda3 range, include a seatbelt warning system for front and rear seat passengers, while the addition of a collapsible brake pedal and a redesigned steering wheel adjustment lever have reduced the likelihood of lower leg injury.