Nissan adopts home-grown SUNA Traffic Channel

Nissan has become the first vehicle importer in Australian to offer its customers SUNA Traffic Channel as a standard feature on some of its models.
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SUNA is Australia’s first digital traffic information service that broadcasts detailed information on traffic congestion and other road conditions directly to compatible portable and in-vehicle GPS navigation devices.

Nissan will now connect X-TRAIL and Patrol customers with up-to-the-minute information on traffic incidents such as accidents, road closures, traffic congestion, major road works and special events, helping them escape city congestion and hit the open road sooner.

The X-TRAIL Ti and TL and Patrol Ti models equipped with satellite navigation will include a lifetime
subscription to the SUNA service.

Nissan Australia CEO, Dan Thompson, said he was very pleased with the home-grown alliance.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to inject more value into our vehicles and believe integrating real-time traffic information into our GPS technology will dramatically improve our customer’s driving experience.”

SUNA Traffic Channel is currently available in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The service monitors traffic conditions using tens of thousands of traffic sensors supplemented with other sources including probe vehicles, freeway sensors, tow truck allocations, traffic cameras as well as roadwork and special events information. All of this information is validated by a team of traffic operators and then sent to your personal navigation device.