Infiniti's local arm has confirmed it is looking into introducing performance-oriented Red Sport versions of other models in the range, including its SUV range.
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Speaking with CarAdvice at the Australian launch of the new Q60 Red Sport coupe this week, Bernard Michel, product planning manager for Infiniti's local arm, said "every possibility is being explored".

"We're assessing every opportunity to have other additions in our line-up, in terms of Red Sport. It's a badge and nameplate that's basically going to be embedded into the Infiniti landscape," he said.

"The answer is 'yes', if there's an opportunity. There's an appetite for performance cars in Australia, and we're looking at that closely."

ROLLE, Switzerland (1 September 2011) -- The perfect high-performance Infiniti Crossover -- designed by, and built for, Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel -- will make its debut in concept form at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt on Tuesday 13 September.

Infiniti has already introduced Red Sport versions of the Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe, both powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 developing 298kW of power and 475Nm of torque.

The brand has also previously offered sporty crossover models as well, the pre-update QX70 - known then as the FX - had the choice of a 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8, which produced 287kW of power and 500Nm of torque when Infiniti first arrived locally in 2012.

Additionally, motorsport-inspired FX Sebastian Vettel limited edition (above) was also on sale on Europe in 2012, developing a meatier 300kW and claimed a top speed of 300km/h - so the company definitely knows how to make a fast SUV.

Given the success of the Audi SQ5 and Porsche Macan locally, it would be a prime opportunity for the Japanese marque to introduce its own performance SUV, or SUVs, in Australia.

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