Clarkson Beats Speeding Ticket

We'd all like to find a loophole out of those damn speeding tickets, and the man who can make it happen in Europe is Nick Freeman. His job is to help high profile (and rich) clients evade nasty Speeding Tickets, his latest client was topgear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson.
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Clarkson was caught doing 132 km/h in a 85 zone (50 MPH) in an Alfa Romeo Brera press car. The authorities had sent the ticket to Alfa which had in turn forwarded it to Clarkson, and Clarkson being Clarkson, refused to name himself as the driver.

It all went to court, and Mr Freeman was there to lend a hand. Mr Freeman argued that Alfa Romeo only had details of who the car was loaned to, not who the driver was.

"If someone had looked at this process properly it would never have come to court" Mr Freeman said.

The prosecution failed to offer any evidence to prove Clarkson's involvement and the court dismissed the charge.

In Australia there is one man who shares many similarities with Nick Freeman, his name is Scott Cooper.