Just days after previewing the SR1 concept car and the brand’s new design language, Peugeot has confirmed it will produce a vehicle based on the BB1 electric concept unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.
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Peugeot says the car will “embody all of the spirit of the BB1” – a fully-electric, 2.5m four-seater designed for the future of inner-city transportation – but has given no specific details on the final configuration of the production vehicle.

As revealed by CarAdvice last September, the unique design of the BB1 concept maximises interior space with its near-vertical windscreen, raised roofline and compact electric drive system.

With two 7.5kW electric motors in the rear wheels maximum power peaks at just 15kW, enough to take the BB1 from 0-60km/h in 6.8 seconds, while the lithium-ion battery packs stored under the rear seats have a range of up to 120km.

Not only is the BB1 emissions-free but it also traps pollutants and ultra-fine dust particles in the atmosphere through the use of high-performance filters and activated carbon, and it also uses solar panels to capture energy and power some of its systems.

Other innovative features include full-LED headlights, wide-opening suicide doors, a tiny turning circle of 3.5m, smartphone connectivity and rear cameras in place of mirrors to improve aerodynamics.

Just how many of these features and functions make it to the final production version of the BB1 (expected by 2015), only time will tell.