Currently, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is still a concept vehicle, but come late 2017, the world’s first premium-segment ute will launch in Europe.
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Australia will have to wait until 2018, but you can forget about a single-cab chassis or an AMG version, either looks unlikely, according to the Head of the Mercedes-Benz Vans division, Volker Mornhinweg.

“We won’t go for single-cab at this time, because this is a very, very low-priced market, which only fits those workhorse-style vehicles, and that’s not an area that we need to worry about with X-Class.


“However, we have some private customers and fleet buyers in the premium side of the ute segment that would also like to have a more robust version of the X-Class, with plastic-style floor, like the one we have in the Vito.”

Mornhinweg also told CarAdvice that Mercedes has done a lot of market testing with the X-Class Concept, and the overwhelming feedback is extremely positive.

“On one hand, from the journalists the feedback was quite positive, but then, what we got back from our markets including the Managing Directors in each market was really outstanding.”


“We will launch the X-Class with three different powertrains, two from our partner Nissan for entry-level variants and our own V6 diesel. However, we might also offer that same engine to entry-level buyers that also want the plastic floor option, as there is an opportunity to do that."

That said, there seems no possibility of an AMG version of the X-Class, unless of course, the market demands it.

“As we already explained when we showed the vehicle in Stockholm last year, we have no plans to do an AMG version. But after we launch the vehicle, we will see over time with what new powertrains we could introduce into X-Class," said Morninweg.