No Plans for coupe-style Range Rover Velar

Despite the fact the original Range Rover (and Velar-badged prototypes) was launched in a proper two-door coupe body style that continued production for 10 years before a four-door version was introduced, there are no plans to introduce that concept to the all-new Range Rover Velar line.
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“That’s not something we ever considered with the Velar, this car had a very natural birth. And there’s a simple reason for that too; because the coupe profile would rob the vehicle of its natural born elegance," said Massimo Frascella, Creative Director, Exteriors at Land Rover, who spoke to CarAdvice at the London Design Museum at the cars global debut.

“You can have a really elegant coupe, but it depends on the proportions, length, wheel size, ride height and how the overhangs relate to the vehicle, and it’s not that simple to get right."


“What’s of paramount importance for us at Land Rover, is that whatever vehicle we design, it must be instantly recognisable as a Range Rover, and the Velar is a great example of that – pushing design boundaries, but clearly a Range Rover with elegance”.

“Evoque already proved that we could take the DNA of the full-size Range Rover and apply it to a much smaller vehicle – but still unmistakably a Range Rover.

“When I look at the Range Rover family; Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar and Evoque, they relate to each other, but they’re actually quite different, character-wise and proportionally.


He also outlined the difficulties of being a designer at Land Rover, due to the various (and unavoidable) constraints of the brand, and why you can’t just run off and do anything that takes your fancy.

“Being a designer at Land Rover is one of the most challenging jobs, because you have to uphold the brand values and heritage, but at the same time, you have to keep evolving each model," he said.