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Ford US to increase full-size SUV production

With all the morning’s news from Detroit having a distinct green tinge to it, the latest filthy, gas-guzzling announcement from Ford is somewhat refreshing.
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Ford Motor Company in the US is about to significantly step up its production of full-size SUVs due to increasing demand and low supply from an industry shying away from the classic American tank.

Ford Americas President, Mark Fields, said inventory of the Ford Expedition was down to 31 days of supply in December and 24 days for the Lincoln Navigator, but resisted detailing specific production figures for the increased run.

A normal supply is generally considered 60 days.

Navigator sales shot up 60 percent last month to 1758, Expedition sales by 45 percent to 5556, and the smaller Ford Explorer also climbed 24 percent to 6612.

Ford said rental companies stayed away from big SUVs last year but believes they are back in a big way in 2010.

Mr Fields also revealed that the Lincoln brand would be given priority over Mercury in terms of new vehicles, but maintained that Mercury would still receive a new compact car based on the 2012 Ford Focus later this year.

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