A buyer of a Volkswagen Amarok V6 paid 107 per cent of the car’s retail price at auction, and it was a company demonstrator with some kays on the clock.
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The car in question was a Volkswagen Amarok V6 Ultimate, which sold for $73,250 – a solid premium over the $68,990 list price of the new car.

Volkswagen Australia commercial vehicles director Carlos Santos said the new V6 ute has brought unprecedented interest.

“We’re heavily oversubscribed, and we’re seeing that primarily with the Ultimate version – we cannot get enough of them at the moment. That typically happens with a new car, but we sold an ex-company demonstrator at auction that sold for $5000 over the retail price of a new one.”


Volkswagen Australia product marketing manager Nick Reid said that the brand has seen big demand for the updated Amarok, with V6 sales proving key to the formula.

“We launched in late November last year, and sales have been outstanding so far. The demand is very strong for this model, and we’ve had great reviews and fantastic customer feedback on that car,” Reid said.

“In January we sold over 600 Amaroks, up 9.5 per cent on last year – it was a record January for us, returning 5.9 per cent market share in a market that was down 4.4 per cent,” he said. In February the numbers were even stronger, with 834 examples sold.


“As you can see the V6 is driving some very strong sales for us already – actually, the V6 accounted for 38 per cent of Amarok sales in January, and that was under considerable constrained supply, which we anticipate will ease up towards the middle of the year,” Reid said.

“The pipeline on that car is very strong for us – we have a strong order bank, especially the Ultimate model. There’s a wait on those cars depending on the colour and where you are in Australia,” he said.

The Amarok V6 range will be bolstered by the arrival of manual versions of the ute later this year, and the addition of the off-road-focused Amarok Canyon V6.