BMW has issued a recall for its old-generation 'E46' 3 Series, 'E39' 5 Series and 'E53' X5 lines built between 2000 and 2004 over concerns the vehicles could be fitted with faulty Takata airbags.
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Unlike previous Takata recalls, the Bavarian automaker says the affected vehicles may have had their original airbags replaced with faulty inflators during their service life, or as part of the recent Takata airbag recall.

However, like previous Takata-related recalls, the inflators could potentially rupture when deployed, sending metallic fragments into the cabin.

If the condition occurs, occupants of the vehicle are at a high risk of getting seriously injured, or even being killed.

The affected BMW models were available for sale from 1 January 2000 through 31 December 2004. A VIN list for these vehicles can be viewed here.

Owners of the recalled BMWs should contact their local dealer, or contact the company's customer service line on 1800 813 299.

This latest notice comes after Takata pleaded guilty at the US federal court in Detroit over its faulty and potentially life-threatening airbag inflators, and has agreed to pay US$1 billion ($1.3 billion) in fines and compensation.

It's been confirmed that at least 16 people have died at the hands of the faulty airbags, while over 180 more have been injured globally. Since 2008, 31 million cars have been recalled worldwide.