Decommissioned cars, fake police combat NSW speeding

Five decommissioned highway patrol cars have been used by New South Wales police to try to encourage good driving behaviour, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
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Parked on the side of the road around Goulburn and the Hume Highway for close to two weeks, the front seats of the cars were decked out in a police cap and fluoro vest to discourage speeding. (Can a seat be charged for impersonating a police officer I wonder?)

A police spokeswoman said members of the Southern Region Highway Patrol thought “instead of keeping them in a car park before they get sold we'll put them on the side of the road [so they can] act as a deterrent”.

Police confirmed the vehicles have now been removed and replaced by real officers in functional cars.

Obviously the NSW Opposition had a field day with it, with roads and ports spokesman, Andrew Stoner, calling it an “absurd move”.

“Dressing up car seats with a fluoro jacket and cap is no replacement for highway patrol cops.“Rather than stunts like dummy cops … the state Labor Government should be building better, safer roads and boosting highway patrols,” he said.

(with the Sydney Morning Herald)