Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept revealed

Pooch-friendly boot for mid-sized SUV is smart and silly at the same time
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If you're a dog person, the new Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept could set your tail wagging... or you might shake your head in confusion.

The fun concept car from Nissan sees an X-Trail SUV get a dog-friendly makeover, and it has been created by the Japanese brand's British arm on the back of a survey that saw 90 per cent of owners looking for more pooch-focused features.

The survey of more than 1300 down owners found that 88.7 per cent of people take their dog in their car at least once a week, with 71.5 per cent of owners putting their pooch in the back seat or the boot.


The bespoke 445-litre boot area has been designed for up to two dogs, with a cargo barrier and clip-on harness hook ensuring canine safety through corners.

As for the fun stuff, there's a fold-out ramp to stop your dog from scratching the paintwork on the rear bumper (which slides in to a drawer under the puppy apartment), as well as easy-wipe leather trim, an anti-spill water bowl and automated food bowl.


There's even a screen for the dog to keep an eye on their human friends up front, and vice-versa, through the 'dog-cam' feature, and there's a speaker from the driver to the boot for any required words of assurance.

And because it has been thought up in England, there are mud-focused cleaning items including a 360-degree pull-out shower hose, and a hair-dryer, while the cargo area also has a heater system with direct blower to stop that dreaded damp dog smell.


Practicality hasn't been forgotten: you can still use the boot as you normally would, and access to the spare wheel hasn't been compromised, either.

“It’s clear from the research that for dog owners, dogs are a key part of the family. Ensuring their pet’s needs are catered for is often just as important as making sure the children are comfortable and happy. The Nissan X-Trail is a car that’s built for family adventures, and the X-Trail 4Dogs concept takes that to the next level,” said Ryan Gains, chief marketing manager for the X-Trail in the UK.

Need your hit of dogs doing things on the internet? Watch the video of some hounds getting their paws on the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept.