The 2018 Volvo XC60 has been teased yet again, ahead of its 2017 Geneva motor show debut next week. The Scandinavian company has also confirmed three new safety items for the reinvented mid-sized SUV.
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The all-new Volvo XC60 will bring with it active steering assistance or support "to help avoid potential collisions", with the company claiming that the new technologies "will make the new XC60 one of the safest cars on the road".

New generation of City Safety: Steering support

The brand's urban autonomous emergency braking system, City Safety, includes steering support. The system will steer the car out of harm's way if a potential forward collision is imminent and automatic braking alone wouldn't have avoided an accident.

The City Safety camera system is designed to avoid collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and large animals, while steering support is active between 50-100 km/h.

Another new steering intervener is Oncoming Lane Mitigation, which will steer the car and its occupants out of the way of oncoming vehicles.

"The system works by alerting a driver who has unwittingly wandered out of a lane by providing automatic steering assistance, guiding them back into their own lane and out of the path of any oncoming vehicle," the company says. It works from 60km/h to 140 km/h.


Volvo's BLIS blind-spot information system can now also steer the car to intervene if the driver decides to continue merging in front of traffic after the sensors warn the person at the wheel. In this instance, the system will steer the car back into its lane.

“We have been working with collision-avoidance systems for many years and we can see how effective they are. In Sweden alone we have seen a decline of around 45 per cent in rear-end frontal crashes thanks to our collision warning with auto-brake system.

"With the XC60 we are determined to take the next step in reducing avoidable collisions, with the addition of steering support and assistance systems,” said Malin Ekholm, senior director of Volvo Cars’ Safety Centre.


Other safety bits that the XC60 will get include tech borrowed from the larger 90 series range (XC90, S90, V90), including run-off road mitigation and semi-autonomous cruise control. Expect a surround-view camera and parking sensors all-around, too.

Full details on the 2018 Volvo XC60 will be revealed imminently. Click to see the first few teaser images of the new Volvo XC60.