Cadillac Converj confirmed, Chevrolet Volt on track

General Motors has ended a year of speculation by today announcing it will build the Cadillac Converj sometime after 2012.
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The plug-in concept coupe was unveiled at last year’s Detroit Motor Show and will use the same “Voltec” range-extending hybrid electric system as the Chevrolet Volt – which goes on sale in the US in November.

GM vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, would not commit to a production date, admitting that the Converj needed to find its place in the product line-up.

“You’ll see it when you see it,” he teased.

Mr Lutz described the Converj as a car for those “who don’t mind paying a large price for a luxury vehicle”, suggesting it could exceed the Volt’s expected US$40,000 (AUD$42,980) price tag by a significant amount.

Volt production is on track after the first lithium-ion battery pack rolled off the assembly line last week, but Mr Lutz said annual production would be limited to 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles due in part to the high cost of the batteries – which is close to US$15,000 ($16,120) alone.

But Mr Lutz said his company would have no trouble “disposing of 40,000 to 50,000” units per year, with government taxes and green car incentives likely to reduce the price closer to US$30,000 ($32,240) for most customers.