Swiss hand out $312,000 speeding ticket

If you thought we had it bad here in Australia, think again. A Swiss driver has received the speeding ticket of the century, $312,000 (£180,000) for driving 137km/h through a village with a 80km/h speed limit.
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No, he didn't kill anyone, nor did anyone get hurt. Even his red Ferrari Testarossa was undamaged. The reason the fine is so high is because of the laws the Swiss have enacted to combat speeding.

The high speed fines are calculated based on the motorist's wealth, in this case assessed by the court as $24m, it also didn't help that he was a repeat offender.

Switzerland is officially the country to avoid if fast cars are your thing. 2008 saw a fine of over $100,000 handed to a Porsche driver in Zurich.

Do you think calculating the cost of speeding tickets based on the driver's wealth is a good idea? We can only assume the state authorities in Australia already working out how much extra revenue could be raised if the same laws applied here.