Maserati has issued a recall for 329 of its 2014 model-year Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans over concerns a faulty interlock system may not automatically engage 'Park' as intended.
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The Italian manufacturer reports the driver's door lock - which automatically engages Park when opened - may not signal the transmission to engage park if the driver opens the door.

If the condition occurs, there could be unintended movement of the vehicle, potentially causing injury to the driver or passengers when they attempt to exit the vehicle.


Above: Maserati Quattroporte, Top: Maserati Ghibli

There are 329 affected vehicles in Australia, and a further 49 in New Zealand. A VIN list for the affected vehicles can be viewed here.

Maserati's local distributor, Ateco Automotive, says there have been no reported cases of the fault in Australia or New Zealand, and that recall repairs are already well underway.

Owners of affected vehicles are encouraged to contact their local dealer who will replace the driver's side door lock and update the software to connect the new lock to the vehicle's interlock system, free of charge.