The upcoming Range Rover Velar will blow away the competition because of its unique design and position and help attract a new buyer type and change perceptions, the brand’s chief designer claims.
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Speaking to the media at the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery in Utah, USA, today, Land Rover and Range Rover’s head of design, Gerry McGovern, said the Velar’s success story will come from its expected sales.

“This will blow the spots off the lot, wait till you see it. People can criticise the hell out of me but this brand is on fire, and what will be the proof in the pudding is the way these vehicles will sell, when you see Velar… you will be quite surprised by it.”


Above: Recent spy shot of 'Range Rover Sport Coupe' before confirmation of the 'Velar' nameplate

According to McGovern, the Range Rover Velar is the ultimate in less-is-more automotive design and a unique product in the market.

“That approach towards modernism and reduction is really a master call in modern less is more approach.

“What I would say about the Velar is that it’s a new type of Range Rover for a new type of customer and I think it will really change the perceptions of what the brand is about and it’s been done in a very unique way, so there might be things that are comparable in terms of its overall size but there’s nothing like it in terms of what it is.”

McGovern dismissed the Velar as an SUV coupe, suggesting the fourth model in the Range Rover line-up may in fact be something else.

Introducing Range Rover Velar

“It’s not a coupe. [Velar is a] white space opportunity for us, because we don’t have a vehicle of that type in the brand at the moment. If you look at where we currently are and where we could be in six, seven years…”

McGovern joked the Velar name, which was the original name given to the Range Rover prototype before the brand even existed, was used originally because the company had run out of badging letters.

“I have heard stories that they only had so many letters so that’s what they put on, which isn’t such a glamorous story but that’s probably more like it.”

Full details of the new Range Rover Velar are expected to be released on March 1 ahead of its Geneva motor show debut.