2005 Volkswagen Polo Warranty Complaint

Name: ReneeCar Make: VolkswagenCar Model: PoloYear of Manufacture: 2005
2005 Volkswagen Polo
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2005 Volkswagen Polo Warranty Complaint

Warranty Complaint:

I have to express my disappointment with my purchase on my Volkswagen Polo 2005 model.

8 months ago I noticed that my paint on my bonnet and roof is starting to flake away.

I have had arguments with my local dealer who informed me the paint damage was caused by bird faeces and was not under warranty, therefore would not fix the damage.

As the problem continued to worsen, I took my car to a prestige car sprayer who assessed the vehicle and said that no amount of bird faeces would have caused the damage on my vehicle.

Angrily I have been quoted $600AUS to repair the paintwork on my car.

What has frustrated me the most is that I originally paid an extra $900AUS when I purchased the vehicle to extend the warranty on my vehicle for 6 years.

What a waste of money that was when I couldn’t even cover the damage on my paint work.

Volkswagen AUS website states that “factory warranty covers you against manufacturing or material faults and includes a 3 year paintwork warranty. Your vehicle is also protected by a 12 year anti-corrosion perforation warranty for your complete reassurance”. How false that is.