2004 Kia Rio Warranty Complaint

Name: Ken and Laureen CarcasCar Make: Kia Sedan 4 DoorCar Model: Rio with a Sportz KitYear of Manufacture: 2004
2004 Kia Rio
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2004 Kia Rio Warranty Complaint

Warranty Complaint:

We have a 3 yr old Kia Rio, just out of warrenty (5 mths), that has had a number of previous things wrong with it (gear box, bearings, refuses to start on hills), which now has a blown engine due to a faulty fuel injector (burning a hole in the piston and damaging the engine) that is not covered under warrenty. Damage classified as "Consequential".

The dealer refuses to do anything about it and Kia Aust has stated that as it is 'Consequential Damage' ("... damage caused by a faulty injector which is not covered by warrenty ...), they refuse to cover it under their "Good Will Policy". They have informed us that we will need to pay $4000.00 for a new engine or $3000.00, being the price of a rebuild.

This vehicle, which has 48703kms on the clock, has been well looked after, not thrashed, garaged when at home, and has had regular services.

As far as we are concerned, as they have stated that the injector was faulty and that this fault was not uncommon, then blame should sit with Kia to fix the problem and not us.