2006 Holden VE Calais Warranty Complaint

2006 Holden VE Calais Warranty Complaint
Holden Calais 2006
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Name: Timothy Ritchie
Car Make: Holden
Car Model: VE Calais
Year of Manufacture: 2006

Warranty Complaint:

Our Calais has been plagued with random warnings since day one. The car has been back and forth to Holden and is heading back this weekend for a whole week to have a new BCM module installed as the car will not except any software updates.

When ever the car is started after waiting for the system check to complete, we see CHECK ENGINE, CHECK ABS AND CHECK ESP. We have also seen a big black X and CONTACT DEALER AND SVS (Service Vehicle soon). Its really annoying when you spend so much money on a new car to have these sort of warnings appear and to take 9 months to try and fix the problem and its still on going.

Could be slightly related to the battery drain issue as Holden says the system engery levels keep coming up low voltage.