Mazda has recalled thousands of its previous-generation passenger cars this week, over concerns for faulty seat lifters.
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The recall centres on the seat height adjustment mechanism, which could see either the adjustment lifter link crack, or the lifter link retaining nuts separate.

The Japanese car maker reports that if either were to occur, a worst-case scenario could see the lifter link break or come away from the seat frame, causing the seat to move out of position.


An abnormal noise or rattling could signal the defect, the company confirms.

Affected vehicles include 48,042 examples of the previous-generation 'DE' Mazda 2 (9423 Thai-sourced, 38,619 Japan-sourced), 60,109 examples of the previous 'BL' Mazda 3 and 16,535 examples of the previous 'GH' Mazda 6.

No models in the company's current line-up are affected.


Mazda has confirmed it will contact owners of affected vehicles by mail, advising them to contact their preferred Mazda dealer for inspection and repair at no charge.

Customers can also contact Mazda Australia on 1800 034 411.