2005 HSV VZ Senator Warranty Complaint

2005 HSV VZ Senator Warranty Complaint
2005 HSV VZ Senator
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Name: Paul Collins
Car Make: HSV
Car Model: VZ Senator
Year of Manufacture: 2005

Warranty Complaint:

Hi there

Just a few problems for you guys to ponder on

  • Diff replaced
  • Auto gearbox, very rough changes
  • Engine has numerous strange noises
  • Serious vibrations through cars driveline
  • Front bushes have been replaced at least once we know of
  • Brake pads replaced, rotors machined twice, squealing brakes, excessive brake dust
  • Power steering hoses upgraded - still groans when steering
  • Endless electrical faults - head lights have stayed on numerous times, immobiliser, etc
  • Car has 37,000 kl/m

Original owner was Holden and serviced by Experimental Engineering Garage in Melbourne, purchased from auction by a dealer in Perth, we purchased with 13000 kl/m on it
We are currently shopping around for a dealer that will actually look after our vehicles, and us, after repeatedly ignored and treated like we know stuff all about our cars, we over react apperantly

HSV apparently dont care as we have sent several emails in regards to the car with no response at all

Regards Paul