Chrysler's US sales lowest since 1962

Chrysler's tough times continue in the US, and as the 2009 sales figures are tabulated, the harsh reality of the brand's economic uncertainty has become plainly obvious.
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Posting its worst sales figures in 47 years, the iconic US brand has seen sales of less than one million units (931,000) in 2009, a number last seen in 1962. The figure represents a 36 per cent year-on-year fall.

It was a tough year for most car manufacturers in the US with Ford posting a 15 per cent annual drop in sales compared to the year prior. Toyota and Honda were both down 20 per cent while GM posted a 30 per cent sales drop.

The total estimated sales in the US for 2009 (for all car manufacturers) is estimated to be 10.6 million units – or to give some perspective, the lowest annual volume since 1982.