Toyota Supra 'brochure' leaked - UPDATE

Update - The 'leaked' brochure for the Toyota Supra has been confirmed to be a fake. See bottom of article for details
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The cover of an alleged brochure for the upcoming Toyota 'Supra' has surfaced online, supposedly confirming the new sports car's name and giving a glimpse of its design.

"Fun to drive, again" indicates just how important this new model will be for the Japanese brand, which of late has been associated with run-of-the mill, boring passenger cars - with the exception of the 86 sports car.

The image of the brochure - submitted by a CarAdvice reader - is a little blurry, so it's almost impossible to make out the contents of the table on the second page (the writing also appears to be in Japanese), but the three columns at the top suggest there could be three grades or three powertrain options on offer.


Above: Toyota 'Supra' prototype

However, the image on the cover appears to be the FT-1 concept, suggesting this may not be legitimate material.

Jalopnik also points out the brushed-metal look of the cover is almost exactly like the Supra brochure from the mid-1990s, again indicating this 'leaked' brochure could be a fan's mock-up.

Previous reports have suggested the 'Supra', or whatever it will be called, will offer turbocharged four- and six-cylinder petrol engines, along with a hybrid version - which would align with the three columns in the brochure.


Above: A speculative rendering of the new Toyota 'Supra'

Depending on configuration, power figures upwards of 260kW have been reported in the Japanese and European press. With a target weight just south of 1400kg also reported, any power figure beyond 200kW is sure to give the Supra plenty of pep.

Last month, Car and Driver reported Toyota will either debut or preview its new sports car at this year's Tokyo motor show in October.

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Update: Spain's has discovered that the alleged brochure for the new Toyota Supra was a scan compiled using the original brochure from the MkIV Supra along with some Japanese magazines - we'll just have to wait until the Tokyo motor show then.