Oh social media, you can be such a fickle mistress.
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Once again the line between customer information and spoiled surprises has been blurred, this time by Porsche Centre Brisbane asking on Instagram for expressions of interest for the 2018 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS 4.0 - though the post has since been removed.

A grand gesture for those who might like to drop a deposit, except there is no Cayman GT4 RS 4.0. At least, not officially.


News of a potential mid-ship tarmac weapon started circulating earlier this year, with rumours suggesting the GT4 RS would be powered by a version of the 368kW/460Nm 4.0-litre flat-six in the bigger-brother GT3 RS.

Given the 283kW/420Nm 3.8-litre Cayman GT4 is currently about 80kg lighter than the GT3 RS, it would be presumed the GT4 engine will be down on power, so as not to show up the 911 GT flagship.

It was expected that the GT4 4.0, if released, would join a series-two 991 GT3 range at the 2017 Geneva motor show, the latter to be offered with an optional manual gearbox.

Could the social media post by PCB have let the cat out of the bag early?


A more potent version of the Cayman would be a desirable addition to the range, especially since the GT4, with its six-speed manual transmission, won high acclaim around the world (and from Alborz), whereby Porsche Cars Australia could not keep up with buyer demand, despite securing an additional 100 units for our local market.

CarAdvice reached out to Porsche Cars Australia for comment, who confirmed the official line that there is no Cayman GT4 RS - suggesting that perhaps a social media manager somewhere has been a bit swept up in all the speculative excitement for what lies in store for Porsche in 2017.

Whatever the case, we will have a team attending this year's Geneva show, where we will promise to look surprised and more than likely, impressed with whatever Porsche pulls the covers off...