The UK's Autocar magazine has revealed that Mercedes-Benz will launch its next-generation S-Class model with an optional plug-in hybrid variant.
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Mercedes-Benz R&D boss, Mr Thomas Weber, told Autocar that the decision to launch the system in the S-Class will allow Mercedes to hide the added cost of the technology.

“It makes a lot of sense to bundle the high-price tech option to the sort of customers willing to pay for this sort of thing,” said Mr Weber.

Mercedes-Benz’s plug-in technology will eventually spread throughout its entire range.

Although Mercedes-Benz has yet to release specifications on its plug-in technology, early estimates suggest the S-Class plug-in could be capable of fuel consumption lower than 3.3L/100km with CO2 outputs below 100g/km.

The new S-Class will also benefit from weight savings and improved engine technology across the entire range with a 10 to 25 per cent increase in power and 25 per cent reduction in fuel economy expected from some models.