Turkey's newest supercar, the Onuk Sazan, is receiving its finishing touches this week in a secluded factory just outside of Istanbul.
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The Onuk Sazan is the creation of Dr. Ekber Onuk, who designed the vehicle in memory of his son Kaan "Sazan" Onuk, an engineering student who passed away in a car accident back in 1996.

With performance figures expected to at least match those of Europe's finest, Dr. Onuk says he is considering two powerplants for the 997kg supercar.

The first is Corvette-sourced LS7 V8 engine developing 382kW. The engine will be mid-mounted and mated to a five-speed manual gearbox driving the rear wheels only. The second choice, a twin-turbocharged Nissan 3.5-litre V6 (from the previous 350Z), which will develop around 361kW.

Still in its prototype stage, Dr. Ounk hopes to produce at least five examples of the Sazan by year's end. His engineers are hoping for a top speed in excess of 300km/h.