Subaru Impreza R now with driveaway pricing

Subaru have announced nationwide driveaway pricing on its popular all-wheel drive Impreza R manual sedan and hatch from just $24,990.
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The discounted price comes as Subaru applies the Federal Government’s full tariff reduction to the variant.

Prior to the recent limited driveaway offer, Impreza R manual had a recommended retail driveaway price that varied between $26,400 and $27,164, depending upon retailer and state or territory location.

"We are clearly applying the Federal Government’s duty reduction in two ways: via increased equipment and specification levels on our newest models, including Liberty and Outback, and through tactical driveaway pricing programs, such as with Impreza R models," said Mr Nick Senior, Managing Director of Subaru Australia."In the case of new generation Liberty and Outback, we also managed to maintain or reduce recommended prices of most variants. This is despite the incredible currency pressures of the past 12-18 months."