Earlier this year we brought you images of the first flight of a road-registered flying car when Terrafugia's TRA (Transition Roadable Aircraft) made its maiden flight. Now the manufacturer claims its flying car will be available for purchase by 2011.


Terrafugia says the TRA is capable of flying at speeds of up to 185km/h with a range of 725 kilometres in the air, while on road it is capable of just 105km/h. Best of all the TRA can be road registered (in the US), and fits inside a normal parking spot or garage just like any other car. The transformation from winged aircraft to road-going car takes less than 30 seconds.

The manufacturer is currently accepting deposits on the TRA from as little as US$10,000 (AUD$11,150 approx.), though an additional US$185,000 (AUD$206,500 approx.) will need to be paid upon delivery.